So What Happened To The Blog?

In case you were wondering where the blog had been for the last month, it was disabled because of a lawsuit from a “Copyright Troll” over the posting of the infamous TSA pat down photo — where a man in the airport appeared to be checked for a hernia.

This is a story so incredible — that it will be unbelievable to many. I don’t want to believe it — but I’m not so naive.

There is a company that is half owned an attorney who worked at the same Chicago law firm that the Obama’s met at, working there at the same time the Obamas did. When many Conservative web sites ran the photo that embarrassed Obama’s Homeland Security Administration — this company bought the rights to the TSA photo and filed 100s of lawsuits against those conservative leaning blogs showing it — asking for $150,000 per violation, plus the domain. On January 27th, I was nailed for violations on two of my sites. There was no warning (actually, the photo had been taken down a month before suit was filed against me, my company, and my sites — after I’d seen that the Drudge Report was being sued over that photo) to cease and desist — just a suit filed in Federal Court in Colorado.

After I started searching the Internet on this company and their game — I was sick.

I retained an attorney and a settlement (that I am not allowed to disclose the details of) was negotiated and paid — although to date I’ve not personally received the court’s dismissal. About all I can tell you was that it was very painful to my family, but would have cost me more to defend against the suit in Colorado — even if I had won. It might have cost me $500,000 in damages, legal fees, travel, and discovery if I’d lost. Frankly, I have no faith in the Judicial system, especially in Federal courts with Liberals appointed as Federal Judges.

I hate to roll over, but I’ve had previous experience in legalized extortion. I once owned a business that employed well over 100 people, paid millions a year in taxes, spent millions more in expenses to local vendors, and had my partner and I pay millions again in income taxes. This business was also attacked by a cottage industry of parasite lawyers, and they were enabled by corrupt Federal Judges. My legal expenses averaged $60,000 a month to defend against these “Frivolous Law Suits”, buy settling for what lawyers call “nuisance value”. Many of these suits were filed in the Federal court in Chicago — but a few were filed in other Federal Courts stocked with Federal Judges.

I finally threw in the towel and sold the business in 1998, and it in turn soon crumbled into Oblivion, because of poor management. So those 100 plus people now work (hopefully) elsewhere. State, Federal, County, and City governments no longer receive those taxes from that business — nor the income taxes from the two partners. The local vendors no longer have me as a customer – buying stuff to allow them to employ there people. While I still have a few good productive years running a business, employing hundreds, paying millions in taxes, and spending with local vendors left in me — I’m instead unemployed and drag race. I simply refused to beat my head against the wall to benefit a corrupt judicial system of lawyers and judges, enabled by a corrupt group of lawyers elected as politicians (and President, albeit both Obama and Clinton were disbarred lawyers) spreading my hard work among themselves, and the idiots who put them in office for the free gifts promise with spreading the wealth. But I digress.

Back to the this blog — many of us victims feel certain that it was not a coincidence that conservative leaning sites were sued over a TSA photo, by a Chicago lawyer that worked with both of the Obamas. Those of you who feel like there isn’t such thing as Chicago Style politics all through our government — well I feel sorry for you. We’re no better than a Banana Republic — where speaking out against the government will have you harassed. If you don’t think harassing Conservative sites doesn’t have the fingerprints of those in the White House and Soro’s funded organizations — you will most likely still believe in the Easter Bunny. You may recall a story this week about a judge getting a multimillion dollar kickback from a private jail — for sentencing kids to that prison. One kid without any prior arrest was sentenced there for drug paraphernalia (not drugs) and he killed himself.

I debated throwing in the towel on this site — but decided to continue with this site but reduce the target on my back by giving up reporting on Political Corruption. I just can’t afford to be in the fight without help.

In the forums at Old Hippie, I have a legal defense fund for those who feel like the suit against me was wrong, and want to help.


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