Protect Your Race Car/Trailer From Theft

Use Old Cell Phone to Protect Your Race Car/Trailer

Here’s a kool way to use an old cell phone to find a stolen race car and or trailer.

First you need an old cell phone that has the auto-answer feature so much loved by Islamic terrorists for their bombs. In the phones options — set to auto-answer.

Then you need a 12V charger for the phone. Cut off the cigar lighter end, and wire to the trailer’s winch battery or the race cars 12V battery. I have no idea what happens when wired to a 16V source. On the race car — you have to take into consideration the battery cut off when you wire to the battery. The phone end needs to be direct wired to the phone to replace the phone’s battery. Make the connection strong enough to take the rigors of drag racing or trailering.

While you have the phone open to hard wire the cahrger, you need to write down the 15-digit phone identification number and keep it where you can have quick access to it if the vehicle is stolen.

Get a super cheap phone plan. Some companies have an emergency plan of $1.95 a year if never used until an emergency.

Have the phone in a water tight and low vibration mounting situation that doesn’t block the reception. Use your creativity if you want to remove when racing and quickly put into position when not racing.

If the car and/or trailer is ever stolen, you can call the police with the 15-digit number and the phone company’s number — and they can get the location of the car/trailer through a triangulation of cell towers.

Works with anything having a 12V source.

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