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I got a new prescription for my glasses, and most of the glasses retailers don’t stock frames for someone with a head as fat as mine. So May 30th I looked on-line for frames with the side lengths I needed — and came across Frame Direct at Eyeglasses | Designer Eye Glasses, Prescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses Online

I order two pair for glasses for about $500

In mid June I still hadn’t received my glasses and call. I spoke with a real nice customer service lady who tells me that they’re having a problem with both Rayban and Oakley but that she’ll call and expedite. A couple of days later I get a call from Frames Direct and another nice lady apologizes for delay (but it was the fault of Rayban and Oakley) and says they’ll upgrade me to next day delivery.

Two weeks later I call, and told that they still had a problem with Oakley — but the Raybans would be shipped the next day. I received them, and while late, they were what I expected.

So then today I call about the other glasses. My call is answered right away and I was told that the glasses were shipped Next Day yesterday — and I’ll receive today. 10 minutes later I hear the doorbell and FedEx dropped off a package.

The Fed Ex box was undamaged, and I open and the glasses case is wrapped with bubble wrap and there is extra bubble wrap in the box.

When I open the case the glasses are wrapped — and the right ear piece is laying on top. It is obvious that the glasses were broken before being shipped (as the ear piece was under the lens side) — and put into the case anyway, I assume so that the person breaking them didn’t have to do any explaining.

So now my blood pressure is 200 over 200 and I call Frames Direct at 800-248-9427.

I get a recording and put on hold. About 10 minutes later I’m disconnected. blood pressure now has to be 250/250. I call again, and after a long wait on hold I start telling someone of my troubles — and next thing you know I’m talking to dead air. Blood pressure now 300/300! I call again, and after 10 minutes of on hold — I speak with a nice lady. She tells me that I have to speak with returns and that she will transfer me. I say something like “Great — this is where I get disconnected again” and she assures me that I won’t. After 10 more minutes she comes back and says she’s having a problem finding a manager — but shes still looking. I’m put on hold. She comes back saying she found someone and will transfer me. A minute later I hear dead air and my phone says call was terminated.

At this point — I’m done with these idiots and figure I’ll just file a dispute with American Express and have them send a return ticket for the glasses.

However 5 minutes later — I get a call from a “Karen K” from their returns department. I explain my little story and told her I just want them to send a pick up for their glasses and refund for that pair. She tells me that she’s not going to do that — and if I send them back she have fixed and return. She starts out being very condescending — and upgrades to full bitch as the conversation goes on. I told her I don’t want to play this game anymore as my prescription will most likely change again by the time they finally get me glasses I can actually wear. She basically tells me that I’m unreasonable — and because they’d upgraded me to Overnight — that they’ve bent over backwards to make me a satisfied customer. I’m obviously not getting anywhere — so I asked for them to send me a return ticket — as I don’t feel I should have to drive the 10 miles to send them back. She basically tells me no way and that if I want them fixed — I’ll need to send them back. I told her that I will tell my story to all who will listen — and she said that certainly is my prerogative.

I then got the below email

Hello David, Your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is: 35866 RX

When you are ready to return your product for exchange, please write this number on the outside of your package and then ship it to:
Returns Department
2801 S. IH 35
Suite 170
Austin, Texas 78741-5518
Be sure to enclose a note as to what you would like to exchange for and a copy of your invoice. If you do not have your invoice, please make sure to include your RMA number in your note. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.
Karen K

Basically, with Frames Direct the prices were about right, everyone I spoke with prior to Karen K were nice, 5+ weeks is unreasonable, if someone screws up and breaks your glasses — they’ll shove it in the case and send to you for whatever reason, and God help you if you have to return them and get someone by the name of Karen K.

I strongly suggest that you never consider doing business with this not ready for prime time company.

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