The Manifesto That Directs Me

John Galt's Manifesto

About 3/4 of the way through the book Atlas Shrugged has John Galt taking over all of the TV and Radio air waves to give his manifesto, telling of what happened to all of the “Producers” that disappeared from society — and why there are so few left to pay the taxes and to produce (at Federal Government gun point) all of the products and services for the benefit of the “Looters” (Politicians and their Cronies) and the “Moochers” (those sucking on the Government’s tit for a free ride through life). I strongly suggest reading this Novel — as it is eerie how the story of the book is telling the story of today here, Europe, and South America. However, if you don’t intend to read the book — the below is a reading of John Galt’s Manifesto. I would suggest those who will read the book soon not listen to it — but to “Git ‘r done” on reading the book. It is a long Manifesto (3 one hour parts) — but there are no wasted words. Some of it won’t make much sense without knowing the pages in the book prior to the Manifesto — but much will still hit the mark.




The Manifesto is over 30,000 words — but there is a 900+ word Reader’s Digest style of condensed high points at:

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