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OldHippie.com Redesigned



The main landing page of OldHippie.com (Portal) has been redesigned to have more function, and have the Look & Feel of the forums and Free Classified Ad site.

  • The Portal is where I post items that I feel may be of interest to a wide range of people. The Portal uses Word Press, which is a blog operating application, as its engine. It is hosted on a Big Kahuna Hosting's web server, and the domain registrar is Southern Star Hosting. Anyone can register a domain name for less than $10 a year and have their site hosted for less than $100 a year. I began to self-teach myself web design back in 1992, when I first registered www.DaveSchultz.com to play with. It went from a hobby to a very lucrative business, which allows me to work from home and on my own schedule. Customers who have a Big Kahuna Hosting account can automatically install Word Press with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

  • The Forums is the busiest part of the Old Hippie domain. It is a Vbulletin 3.8X forum — soon to be upgraded to 4.X. While Vbulletin charges for a license, there are quite a few other forums that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can install with a couple of clicks free of charge. On Old Hippie's forums — there is a forum for virtually any topic you wish to discuss. You can easily participate in those that interest you — while avoiding those that do not. Cars, computers, motorcycles, politics, Texas, religion, Military, guns, drag racing, electronics, … just about anything. Check it out.

  • The Free Classified Ad site that we use here at Old Hippie is a for charge application by PhotoPost (Only because I bought it before there were free ones available) — but there is now a choice of a couple free ones that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can automatically install in their hosting account. On Old Hippie — registered members can list just about anything the have for sale in the proper category, with photos, and absolutely free.

  • I have another area of the site with photo albums containing tens of thousands of my photos. While I don't have it private — I don't advertise where I have it located. There is also a selection of photo album applications that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can automatically install in their hosting account. I use my albums to share with my family and friends — and host photos I post on many of my sites.

So this post actually has two purposes. The first being to bring to the attention of the visitors of this site the different areas of the Old Hippie domain, that the Portal has just gone under a major upgrade, and to invite visitors to start browsing around the site. There are literally hundreds of posts, so look for the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page. The second purpose is to encourage anyone out there who wants their own site, or is interested in learning how to put together web sites for fun and profit — that it is 100 times easier than when I started many years ago. Anyone can put together a great web site by simply registering the domain name they wish to go by at Southern Star Hosting, and having a hosting account at Big Kahuna Hosting. If you need help — see the Big Kahuna Hosting Forums to get your questions asked and answered.


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