Christmas Wish Lists

Christmas is Coming

Do you have a hard time getting a gift for some people?

Do you get strange gifts that clog your closet, because you'd never use


The best solution I know of to hook up people to give the gifts that people want, is the Wish List at

If everyone would take a few minutes to create a gift list of stuff they really wanted in a variety of price ranges on an Amazon wish list, and if those giving gifts made a quick check to see if there was a wish list on (by name or email address) — then gifting would be far better and a efficient use of money spent.

The wish list thing removes the item purchased from the list from everyone's view but yours — so if the Wish
List is used, it will keep you from getting the same gift twice.

Amazon is as inexpensive as anywhere for the same item, and usually has free shipping. It also keeps you out of the mall crowds.

If you create a wish list, use the name most people refer to you as, the email address that you most commonly use, and upload a photo of yourself as the listings with photos go to the top of the list of people with the same names, and are easiest for your family and friends to quickly identify you.


So in a nutshell:

  • create a wish list on Amazon that is easy to quickly identify you, and has a range of items you want
  • clean it up after your birthday and Christmas to remove items you no longer want or received
  • check to see if the person you are buying for has a wish list




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