Hill Country Excursion

This is a very pleasant approximately 500 mile trip takes 2-days. Day 1 has plenty of scenic stops, lunch in San Marcos, and overnight camping in Luckenback, Texas. The return trip has us riding through the center of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, lunch in Giddings, and some of the most beautiful wild flowers (in the Spring). The roads are good, lightly traveled, no Interstates, lightly policed, and have a great combinations of scenic hills and twisty fun.

We leave at meet at 9:00 Saturday, leave at approximately 9:15, and return at approximately 4:30 Sunday.

Ice Cold bottled water provided at rest breaks.

Saturday evening cookout provided. Beer, wine, Texas Hill Country music, lawn chairs, firewood, and generator power (to charge cell phones and those needing to power a CPAP to sleep) for Saturday night provided. Tents on water proof ground cloths provided, set up, and torn down. Camping and showers fees included.

Chase truck and trailer follows group to carry gear, food and cold drinks, and emergency towing if required.

Strictly limited to 10 motorcycles – book early to reserve your opportunity for this great weekend excursion.

You need to bring your sleeping bag, an overnight bag with your clothes and toiletries, and cooler with your personal food if you have special food or drink needs (you can use our grill). All of this will be carried in the trailer.

Details: Hill Country – 2-Day | Texas Motorcycle Excursions

Enjoy the Ride – We Do the Work

Texas Motorcycle Excursions offers well planned and enjoyable 1-Day to 4-Day excursions that allow you to enjoy that ride while we handle the details.

  • We’ve rode thousands of miles in Texas to come up with the beautiful less known routes with scenic stops, which stay off the Interstates. Safety, comfort, and beautiful scenery are our main goals.
  • We provide a chase truck pulling a 24′ enclosed trailer to follow behind the group for carrying all of the riders’ and camping gear, food and refreshment, tools and cleaning supplies, and emergency trailering capabilities. You don’t have to be loaded down, compromise with what you bring for the excursion, or concern yourself with being stranding away from home.
  • We arrange for the food, refreshment, entertainment, and lodging.
  • We limit the number of motorcycles for a more relaxing experience.

Book Now. Since we represent the best value (cost vs. pleasure) on our excursions, limit the number of motorcycles, and because most of the excursions are of a seasonal theme — they fill up quick.

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