Indy 572 Heads and Port Matched NSS Intake


572 Heads, Rockers, Intake, Cam For Sale

I have a 588CI Mopar Wedge engine that Diamondback Engines built, which I don't have a full pass on it. All of the parts were brand new.

The engine has CNC ported Indy 572 heads, TD Machine roller rockers (no passes), Indy 2X4 rat roaster intake port/matched for 572 heads, and Bullet roller cam for a motor wanting to be twisted to 7500 with 572 heads. All of this is virtually brand new.

I've decided to instead to tame the motor for a different application that I had it built for, and make the motor milder using 440-1 heads and shift at a lower RPM than I had planned when the engine was built.

So if any of y'all have a big Mopar Mopar Wedge motor and want to upgrade to virtually new ported (loaded) 572 heads, TD Rockers, spray bar oiling Valve Covers, intake port matched to the heads intake, and a custom grind cam for a 572ci/572heads/NSS intake for less than 75% of it would cost to buy new — and benefit from the port work to match intake to heads — let me know.


Indy Racer Net Prices from their web site

Loaded 572 Heads           $4321
NSS Intake                       $1150
Jessel 1.55 Rockers         $1649
Spraybar Valve Covers   $ 403
Cam                                 $ 389
572 Pushrods                   $ 275
I'll sell for $6100 FIRM

I'll throw in the crank trigger mount, pulley, and sensor. This is a matched set — and I won't be motivated to break it up.

Can deliver to races we attend to save you shipping

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