Trump and Putin News Conference

Everyone is freaking out that when Trump was asked “who do you believe more, Putin – or the Deep State DOJ that was run by Loretta Lynch, FBI that was run by Comey/McCabe/Strzok, NSA run by Clapper, CIA run by John Brennen, Special Prosecutor Mueller, Deputy DOJ Rosenstein, or White House run by Obama and Jarrett?”

Hell I don’t trust any of them.

Where’s the DNC server and Lap Tops? Where’s Hillary’s 33,000 emails, smashed devices, and assistant’s laptops?

It appears to me that we’re outraged for the wrong reasons! I might trust murderer and Liar Putin over Murderer and Liar Hillary and the Deep State that tried to put the fix in. Too many “Too Obvious” Russian fingers prints. They’re more skilled than that – so I have no problem believing that they’re supposed to be the scapegoat by the Deep State. I’m thinking that Trump feels the same way.

If you feel like I have a point, share to spread the word that the Deep State in our government is not to be trusted.


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