Only Two More Nails to Seal the Coffin

Sadly, we went from Republic to Democracy to now an autocracy in Senate that ensures they are in office until they don’t want to be, and steer the laws to where they become millionaires many times over at our expense. It’s getting worse as Moochers elect Looters to steal from producers. That my friends is Socialism until there are no more willing to be producers – then the moochers (who are virtually illiterate from decades of freeloading) bring in Communism. This is not only proven many times over, it has been the long term plan of Communists. They currently own the media, teachers and lawyers. Taking away right to bear arms and government health care are just the last two nails driven into our Republics coffin.

Someday you’ll wished you listened instead of being so damn apathetic while it’s happening before you very eyes.

Nazis and communists learned to always blame the other side of what you’re guilty of, as the masses are ignorant and will believe it.

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