19 Year Old Mopar Web Forum with Large Member Roster

I started this site on January 1, 2000 and at one time it was very active and had high sponsorship. My racing schedule caused me to neglect the site and activity dropped. Some fresh blood with fresh ideas and the time to call vendors to buy “Pay for View” or “Pay for Click” banners could soon have the site very active again, and very profitable.

This sale could include any or all of the following options:

  • The domain name
  • The perpetual Vbulletin License
  • The existing membership of the forum
  • A year of premium web hosting on a fast and secure server, including automatic backing up site each night and retaining multiple copies of backups
  • All of the old forum posts, or start off with a clean sheet with a fresh install of VB
  • eMail notification to all of the members of the new ownership and your message to them
  • Upgrading to most current version of Vbulletin (or fresh Install)
  • Changing look & Feel, colors and graphics to your design specs
  • Changing the forum structure to your plan
  • Installation and integration of a banner serving application that allows you to generate sponsor revenue through “pay per view” or “pay per click” rotation banners, with different priority serving and full reporting to administrator and/or sponsor
  • Installation and/or setup of a Word Press as a front door to the forum with or without graphics work EXAMPLE
  • Installation and setup of a Classified Ad web site which can be linked with Front Door and Forum Sites EXAMPLE
  • Installation and setup of a photo album application where members can each have access to upload event photos into its sub album EXAMPLE
  • Installation and setup of a wiki. Example
  • A set number of hours for setup and configuration, or per hour help
  • A set number of support phone calls and per call (if needed) thereafter
  • Act as your Hosting Administrator or not
  • Act as your Forum Administrator or not
  • You tell me what else you want

So who would this be a great opportunity for?

  • Any person or group of persons who loves Mopars and has always wanted to build a better Mopar Commu ity than what’s out there
  • Any vendor with a product or service used by Mopar owners, wanting the Goodwill and audience that a site like this could bring them if properly ran. Admittedly, I didn’t run it well.
  • A Mopar club or organization, or collection of organizations wanting to become more dominant in the Mopar Fan sector
  • Any person or group of persons not liking the way they’ve been treated on another forum, and wants to crush them with a better mousetrap.
  • An entrepreneur willing to dedicate the time required to build the site into the One-Stop place to go for all things Mopar and aggressively market “Pay for View” or “Pay for Click” banners
  • Any Combination of the above
  • ???

The price is really based on how much of my time you need. Outside of the Vbulletin application, other applications are free public licenses – but take a little time to install and set up to your specs. They also require more server space. If you’re a computer and graphics whiz who requires no help with set-up and maintaining ( or know that guy) – then you’d only be buying the domain name, VB license, the existing member roster, installation of other apps (if wanted) and hosting – but not my labor. Don’t want hosting as you’ll transfer to another host. Even less!

If you are interested, email me at DaveTheOldHippie @ with what it is you’re interested in, and I’ll shoot you back a price.

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