Magnum GT Updates Coming

I’ve done a lot of work on this car, including new paint and leather restoring. Now…

Shop 1 is full with three cars all waiting on parts. So I move the Viper to a different part of the Bardominium garage, moved the Thug (its ready to race, just getting started and charge every Thursday) to where the Viper was and backed the GT in where the Thug was.

Next week, we’ll pull the GT’s drivetrain and everything else under the hood. The engine compartment will get cleaned and scuffed for paint. Same with the trunk and door jams getting scuffed and painted. The motor and transmission will get stream cleaned and painted. It will most likely also get a head, cam and intake change too – plus coated headers. The transmission will get a freshen up and a shift kit. The old window tint stripped off and the headlight covers polished. The bumpers blasted and gloss black powder coated. New Goodrich TAs and exhaust. The goal to be the nicest GT in existence.

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