Covid Fact From Fiction

Here are my feelings on the subject.

Most of the Left tell us that were all going to die if we don’t all stay at home. Most on the right tell us this is all a hoax for government control. Here’s what I think.

Is this all a hoax to make Trump look bad and to keep Biden from sticking his foot in his mouth in public?

This is certainly not a hoax, but as Tiny Dancer Rham Emanual once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste” – and Liberals are using it to try to make Trump look bad — by both ruining the great economy he was responsible for, and for the main-stream media to constantly blame Trump’s responses. Keeping Creepy Joe in his basement is a plus.

Is this a real Pandemic?

Yes, when there’s potential for this to spread like wildfire, overwhelm local medical resources, and shut down the economy – its a true pandemic.

Are masks effective, or government manipulation?

They provide limited effectiveness. While they don’t fully filter the virus, the dramatically cut down the distance a cough of sneeze will travel. I personally feel like it helps if all wear one in public right, like in a store. Again, they don’t so much help the wearer but could save the lives of the most vulnerable, by decreasing the number infected slightly.

The mortality is so much lower than the common flu, why is everyone freaking out.

It is lower than most other viruses, but it is far more contagious than most viruses. Moreover, it is more deadly to a small group of people. The key is to not kill Grandma before her time.

The models said that 1 to 2 Million would die in the US. Only 100K have so far. Were they just scaring us?

No. First, the book is far from closed with what the total will be. As much has the haters hate to Credit Trump. He stopped the flights long before anyone else would have. He also closed the borders and ports, much to the chagrin of Liberals. He immediately put together a commission to suggest how we should handle everything from personal distancing to work from home, to best hygiene practices, to arranging hospital beds, to getting testing out, to having ventilators built — and everything in between. He was proactive, but the models used leaders like Obama, Clinton and Bush. While he’s blame for underestimating, he’s not giving credit for his protectiveness being the reason fewer died. That said, he slowed the spread from moving out of the big cities – not stopped it. Places that have not yet seen the spread soon will.

Is a everyone needs to stay at home until there’s a vaccine the best plan?

No. We can’t afford the economy to be shut down while the Fed prints money for the Federal Government to Shovel out. Kids are suffering from the lack of education and companionship. Families are stressed. Businesses are going out of business. People are becoming financially ruined. Moral sucks. Suicides are higher than ever. Marriages are falling apart.

So what would your plan be?

  • Healthy people under 60 have minimal mortality.
    • They need to all go back to work and school
    • They need to stop being so selfishly cavalier about unnecessary exposure from lack of Social Distancing. Yes they might not even know the have it – but they have the potential of killing many of the elderly and unhealthy.
      • Wear a clean mask when with others
      • Wash hands frequently
      • Take temperature daily, stay home if the have one and get tested before returning to work or school
      • Practice social distancing
      • Keep your environment sanitized
      • Stay away from the elderly
      • Stop being so damn self-centered and selfish. Its not about you catching it, its about you spreading it and killing people.
    • Be proactive with trying not to catch it, so you won’t be the spreader of it
    • Don’t be a shut in, but modify your habits to minimize from unnecessary contacts
  • Those over 60 and or not healthy, you’re going to have to suck it up and isolate cupcake, until there’s a vaccine and effective treatment.
    • Stay more than six feet away from everyone but your spouse. That includes your kids and grandkids, friends and no social events.
      • Find an acceptable alternative to physically being in church
      • Have someone else do your shopping, or at least take advantage of those stores making special times for special accommodations for Seniors. Most grocery stores have a special time a couple of days where they :
        • Only allow seniors
        • Dramatically reduce the number in the store
        • Disinfect the shopping carts
        • Have you disinfect your hands upon entering
        • Enforce masks for customers and employees
      • Do whatever you can to keep yourself busy
        • Read more
        • Craft more
        • Watch more movies
        • Facetime more
      • This is a pain in the ass, but like all of the other bummers in your life, you got through it
    • Businesses need to better look out for employees and customers
      • Work at home if practical
      • More distancing between work stations and partitions where practical
      • Provide sanitizer convenient to customers and employees
      • Frequent sanitizing of things people touch
      • Temperature checks of employees, sending home anyone with a temp, and testing before returning
      • Insist on employee responsibility on their health and infecting others
      • Drive-troughs and curbside if practical
    • Bars, Restaurants, and health clubs – open up but make it as healthy as possible by also doing the above

In my situation where I’m 65 and have some health issues – I’m fortunate as I’m retired, so I have no loss of income, as I have no income.

I go to my shop about 3 days every two weeks. Two other people work with me and we keep our distance, although none of wear masks. The other time I live at the lake and we have plenty to do to stay isolated but busy. My wife goes grocery shopping Tuesday and Fridays early morning during Senior time and wears a mask. Our kids and grandkids do occasionally visit, but have also isolated the best they can, which is far better than most in their generation.

I have races comping up, and will attend them. However, I won’t do much Socializing, and will keep what I do at a Social distance and wear a mask.

I’m a big sports fan, and 90% of my TV time is watching the Astros, Rockets and Texans. It is above my pay-grade to figure out how we can bring back sports, but I have no plans to go to a sporting event, fly or cruise until this is behind us.

So in a nutshell, I believe we are in a pandemic, but we need to get America back to business. We can minimize the health damage with common sense.

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