Kansas farmer and inventor Max Walker developed the first production gasoline-powered golf carts in 1957 after growing frustrated by electric carts with batteries that often failed to last an entire round of play. Walker designed a relatively simple tubular chassis with three-wheels and a rear-mounted eight-horsepower four-cycle Kohler engine. He included tiller steering and conjoined controls so it could be driven from either seat, and a tilt-up body for easy access to the mechanical bits. But what set the Walker Executive apart was its marvelous space-age styling, with a sweeping, Vespa-like front end, and skirted rear fenders.
I’m currently at a drag race in St. Louis, and I bought this from an old man who bought it at auction many years ago. I’ll be in the North racing for another five weeks, using the cart as my pit vehicle, as I didn’t bring my regular golf cart. However, I’ll be racing in Columbus Oh next week, be in Western New York for two weeks, and then in southwest Michigan the last week of August. I’d consider selling it before I get back home to Texas if you’re up this way. Transporting is never a problem, because it easily fits in a pickup bed. Ushipit has trucks that transport RVs and boats. If they have something going their way, which fits in the bed, it only costs a few hundred. Last month I sold a Cushman Golf Caddy and it cost $500 for it to go from South Texas to Rhode Island.
Nicely restored gas models go for $12500-$15000. This is an easy restoration as it runs great, rust free and missing nothing. If I sell quick, I’ll sell for only $8500. If I get back home with it – I’ll strip and paint, detail the engine and Chassis, and replace seats, belts and tires (about $750 and 50 hours) to get closer to the $15k. Been riding around the track all day and it runs great.

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