Biden’s Best Play?

The Mooch for Veep.

Biden is currently raising far more money than Trump, as the Trump Haters sadly out number the Trump Lovers. The Trump Haters would rather see the country plunge into a recession than four more years of Trump.

They’re really more interested in the Veep, as no one expects Biden to serve out much of his term. That said, Biden’s most recent public appearances have him looking Stoned and acting like he’s been smoking Blue Kona in the Basement. This has started strong speculation that a deal will be worked out for Hillary to take his place.


However, I think that if there’s anyone with a brain in the DNC, they know there’s one certain way in this time of Liberal Idiocy to throw Trump out, and it isn’t Crooked Hillary.

It’s Moochelle!

I’m betting this is going to be the Democrat ticket!

Biden rather be President for a day, that step aside for Hillary – who has worn thin even on some Democrats. The ‘Mooch’ would be the first real black, not half Cracker, to be President. In this era of “White Guilt” and “Only Black lives Matter” she wins their Hearts and what little mind they possess. She’d be the first Transgender President – and Liberals would literals cream themselves over that. Eight more years of the true “Divider and Chief” screwing Capitalism is the Clincher.

So I predict that a deal will be made to have The Mooch on the ticket, and in short order after the election – Biden advocates and the Obamas once again rule. It is the only certain way Biden can get elected and historically he’ll be the next President – if only for the month of January.

Mark My Words!

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