Fakebook Deletes Anti-Biden Group & Restricts posting of Admins

So I was an Admin of a Group called Joe & Ho 2020. That group was immediately shadowed by Pro Biden Snitches, who flooded Fakebook with complaints for violating its community standards – IE: It didn’t fit their Liberal Narrative. The result was that many members had to have their posts approved by administrators, and if Fakebook’s Gestapo didn’t like the post, they restricted both the member and the Admin who approved from posting from 3 to 30 days.

After a number of members and admins were suspended within hours, I posted (see below for the out of context portion Fakebook takes offense to) that the group was being shadowed and Admins would no longer approve posts, because all admins except I was on suspension from doing so.

Well as you can see, they took great offense to that, and completely deleted the group with 800+ members (without warning or appeal) and I now cannot post anywhere on Fakebook.

This group was not alone. Many Groups that don’t carry Fakebook’s water for Liberalism are being deleted, and thousands of members are being suspended for the simple act of making a post criticizing the Left.

Forget Russia & China trying to throw the election, Fakebook is the most watched segment of the Trump Hating Mainstream Media – and they’re fully controlling what you see and don’t see.

I have created an alternative for those wanting to post their opinions, no matter what they are, without the Gestapo’s Community Double Standards. Check it out! You said you wished there was an alternative, but are you willing to be on the ground floor of building one?

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