Screw The NBA, The Rockets, Bill Worell & Matt Bullard

I’ve missed maybe 25 Rocket games in 35 years. However, I turn them off forever the other day when Worell and Bullard were gushing about Black Lives Matters, injustice to Blacks; and generally playing the Race Card and showing their White Guilt. This while Thug Players were kneeling in protest and having crybaby slogans on their uniforms as they played on a court with terrorist organizations emblazed on it.

I watched the Rockets for Basketball and not all of this horseshit. I’m done! They can all kiss my hairy white ass! I hope these sports, their advertisers, their owners, the players, the venues and the organizations they play under all suffer in the pocketbook hard and fast. Maybe that will have learned a lesson of not letting the inmates run the Asylum! NBA People Suck!

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