Tired Of Politics In Sports?

I’m personally done with NASCAR, after being a fan since the 60s. I’m even selling of my Richard Petty Memorbilia, after. him being part of the Bubba fiasco.

I’m personally done with the NBA, the Rockets and their announcers Bill Worell and Matt Bullard. I’ve maybe missed only 25 Rockets games in 35 years, but I’m sick of the players crying Racism and supporting BLM, and especially the White Guilt pushed by the announcers. I turned them off in the 1st quarter of their 1st game back – and doubt I’ll ever watch another game.

I’m personally done with the NFL. Any Vietnam Era Veteran worth a Damn won’t take to the kneeing crap they started. Actually, no red blooded American should put up with it.

As a really big sports fan who lost a few sports, this frees up a little time for considering another interest. If you find yourself in the same situation, may I suggest you consider Drag Racing as a spectator, participant, or both.

I’ve been a drag racing fan since the 60’s, and made my first pass down the quarter mile in the 70s. It’s now my social life. At every event there is a prayer and presentation to the flag. I’ve never seen disrespect to either. What I have seen is good people. The racers, track owners and spectators are all good people, the sport is easy to understand, exciting to watch and to participate in. There’s dozens of classes of from your Street Car to Nitro Dragsters. Now days, there are almost as many women Racers as there are men.

So do yourself a favor and go see a race at your local track. All tracks have a web site with a calendar. Look it up for a race that fits your schedule and take your family and/or friends. Stroll through the pits to see the cars and meet the Racers. NHRA is the biggest drag racing organization with televised races. Check out their web site for the TV schedule and watch a couple races to understand the various rules. Most all of the tracks have a Street car night, where you can race your grocery getter, and you’d be surprise how exciting it is. Drag Racing is one of the few unspoiled sports without overpaid athletes acting like spoiled brats. It deserves more attention than it gets. It was very hot sport in the 50s through 70s, and is starting to make a comeback. Be part of that comeback.

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