Do Something Patrotic Today

Send a message to the NFL, their Owners, their Players, their Sponsors, and the TV Stations who carry the game – that you are a patriot who will not put up with their racist and Anti-American behavior.

Viewership of these games is digitally monitored by the cable and satellite companies and reported to the sponsors for them to understand their potential reach, and decide on how much they’re willing to pay for that reach. When viewership gets weaker, the NFL gets less money from sponsors, and the Owners get less money from the NFL. That causes them to ask why, and try to correct.

Right now the Inmates (racist or White Guilt Players) are running the Asylum. This is because the NFL and Owners feel that playing the White Guilt Game is to their benefit. Hitting them in the pocketbook will show them that they’re wrong, and they’ll begin to take control back from the players.

So if you consider yourself as a Patriot who loves America, I beg you to do something other than watching the NFL today and until they get control of the racist anti-American behavior of the Players. There is literally a million other things you can do this afternoon. Spend time with your family by taking them for a ride, take them on a picnic (stopping at the grocery store on the way) in the park, watch a movie with them… Fix something around the house. Do something you’ve put off. Hell, take a nap. Anything but watch the NFL!

If you couldn’t give a shit about America – well you’re the problem with the Cultural decay – and too far gone with personal greed to care about others. Watch the game and continue being an asshole.

If you agree with me, please post a link to this in Social Media, email it to your friends, and go the extra mile to fight this cultural decay from Antifa and BLM’s attack on our country.

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