Getting Ready to Head To The Indy Race

The Thug was pulled out and started, as Dallas will be racing it at Indy next week. The 1-year old pair of16V batteries in wagon were moved to Thug, and a new set put in the Wagon. The stacker was cleaned out while all cars were out – then the Thug back on the Lift with 8 straps. I washed the Sharknose and backed into the trailer and strapped down. The wagon had been on the road for 4 races in 6 weeks – so the oil was changed, valves run, and all nuts and bolts had a wrench put on them. It was vacuumed, washed and loaded up.

Other shop news was the gas tank dropped and fuel pump changed in the Green Allante by Damon. The Magnum started to shift hard and make some noise. Turns out the flexplate is destroyed. I only have 8-bolt Hemi flexplates, so I ordered a 6-bolt. The whole Gear Vendors overdrive unit has to come out to get the transmission out.

I took the Petty car to Lowes to get a tank of propane for the motorhome’s grill. Love that car.

One of my 16v chargers crapped out 9 days before the warranty expired – so I spent 45 minutes (35 on hold) dealing with that.

It was hot out and I’m dead beat. We’re not leaving until next Tuesday, but we’re staying at the lake Thursday night until Monday and I needed to get loaded up.

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