Old Hippie’s Board

What Interest you?

Is it cars, financial success, sports, Cushman Scooters, RVing, Politics, humor, religion, collectibles, Military/Veterans, guns, humor, charities?

Well there’s a new board that categorizes information and discussions to where it is easy to find what interests you – and avoid what annoys you.

I ask you to simply give it a five minute visit by clicking here, and see if there isn’t a interesting category that you would like to learn, discuss, and share in. We all have interests. We all have the need for information on something we’re interested in, and we all like to help with sharing information we have, which others need. Give it five minutes, then decide it you’d like to adopt a board, with your participation.

If there is a topic without a board, and I can count on your participation in it, let me know, and I’ll create it.


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