For Sale – $2500 Firm

In the early 50s, Montgomery Wards contracted with the Hawk Tooling & Engineering Company of Clarkston, Mi to build a step through scooter to be sold exclusively through their catalog. The Motors were Continental 5hp, and they rode on 20″ wheels, which were much taller than the typical Scooters of the period. Very few were made and Montgomery Wards cancelled the contract after a couple of years because Hawk couldn’t gear up for the demand.

I bought this scooter as part of a lot of 12 from a man in Illinois. He’d started collecting them in the 70s and 80s with plans to restore The next thing he knew, he was in his 70s with bad health and the scooters were still in the shed.

I have a lot on my plate and it will take many months before I can get to this scooter. My plans are to sell 2/3s of the bikes for the money to restore the 1/3 I don’t sell.

This bike appears to be complete, and I’m told it was running when put into storage. It is very seldom a Pony Cycle becomes available, so if this has been on your bucket list – jump on it. This would make a very cool and unique pit bike for drag Racers.

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