Cushman Series 60 Frame – Blasted & Primed

This is a Stepthtough scooter frame and fork from a late 40s/early 50s Cushman. I have glass blasted it to bare metal and then sprayed a gallon of high build/sandable primer. More goal is to Kustomize with a Vanguard electric start motor, comet clutch and kustom sheet metal with rear fin from a 60 Plymouth. However, I have many other projects in front of it, so if someone buys, I’ll prepare another frame I have. 


Pick up at my shop in Beasley, TX or go to for a bid.

Will ship overseas by having Hot Shotted to Heights Crating in Houston (75 miles from my shop) for an additional $75, and they’ll crate and ship anywhere in the world – billing your credit car. There is no title, so make sure to ask if it can be shipped to your country as “Parts” – without a title. Should be good to go in most countries.

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