Selling My Six-Pack/4-Speed Superbird

V-Code/4-Speed Restored 1970 Plymouth Superbird For Sale

Zero Miles since Hemityme Restorations finish the car
B5 Firemist Blue Metallic
Real V-Code 6bbl
Rare 4-speed with console
Rare Deluxe White Interior

Rust-free Texas car, spending a couple of years in the north in the 90s before I bought and had restored. I have plenty of photos before and during restoration, showing that it was solid southern car requiring no replacement metal.

There have been a few performance modifications which can easily be reversed.

The engine was built by Diamondback Engines using the original block, oil pan, heads, intake manifold and carburetors. However, the crank is a forged Eagle Stroker increasing the Cid from 440 to 483. The Rods are Eagle H-Beams and the pistons Diamond Flat top. The cam is a Bullet. The heads were ported and heads intake matched. Exhaust is a TTI Ceramic coated headers going to 2.5″ exhaust 9With H-Pipe to Magnaflow mufflers. To keep all of that power cool, there’s a high capacity aluminum radiator with aluminum shroud. The clutch is a Mcleon. All of this can easily be returned to stock appearance.

This car has been in a bubble since the restoration was finished, taken out monthly to start and drive around the building prior to going back into the bubble with a custom flannel line cover.

I had a Petty Blue (originally Vitamin C) V-code, 4-speed with stock interior and no console also restored by Ken Presley, but I kept the B5 because it was nicer and more rare. A broker bought it for his client for $205K and no doubt marked it up some.

This is a very rare car in excellent condition. In the photos there’s a off the rack battery as the red cap Mopar Script was shot. I’ve just ordered an attention Mopar Script, red cap Group 27, which is an AGM – which will be here any day.

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