Texas Hill Country Land Wanted

Looking for 50-150 Acres Reasonably in Bandera County Area

I’m looking to buy 50 to 150 acres of reasonably priced ranch/hunting land in the area south of I-10 that includes the towns of:

  • Vanderpool
  • Bandera
  • Medina
  • Tarpley
  • Utopia
  • Hondo

I’m looking for land suitable to build our single story luxury retirement home on a hill with a great view of maybe a lake or canyon from back porch. I need a large a flat site down below the hill to build my shop, motorhome/stacker shelter, and a large covered Pavilion with RV spots on three sides for our kids & grandkids to bring their RVs to visit. I’d like land suitable to set up trails for ATVs, Jeeps and walking.

I’d prefer undeveloped and have the following requirements:

  • Unrestricted and no HOA/POA
  • Hill, with a very nice view on at least one side, suitable site to build a large home
  • Low flat land out of a flood plane to build a shop for my cars, shelter of motorhome/stacker and camp/picnic area.
  • Off a main highway, but on a road wide enough to turn a 45′ Coach with 35′ trailer onto. I need a route from the Interstate to be Navigatable by same vehicle a dozen times a year. If a 18-wheeler with a 53′ trailer or moving van can do it, I should be able to.
  • Access to river or lake for fishing/boating or at least a nice creek with a couple of wide deep areas.
  • High Speed Cable or fiber access. DSL and Satellite won’t cut it.
  • Acceptable cellular signal
  • Price capped at $700K (and no more than $7,000 acre – unless there’s something incredibly spectacular about it).
  • AG exemption in place
  • No more than 15-20 minutes away from chain (Kroger/HEB) Super Market and Emergency Medical Room.

We would consider something developed with a cap of $1.4Million (the home would have to be spectacular to hit the cap) with either a super nice single (or 1.5) story home my wife would like, or a small home that could be converted to a guest house after main home built.

I’m a cash buyer. If you have such a place, email me at davetheoldhippie at Gmail dot com with the specifics and photos.

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