The NBA Can Kiss My Hairy White Ass

I was a Rabin Rocket fan. In the last 35 Years, I may have missed 25 games. That ended in the first quarter of the first game in the Bubble. After five minutes of seeing the players with Black Lives Matters, seeing BLM on the courts, and listening to Bill Worell an Matt Bullard spew their white guilt horse shit – I was done with the Rockets. I hope that the league goes bankrupt, the players have to take jobs flipping Burgers at McDonalds, and the owners and sponsors are severely punished financially. I hope that they all learn that the people who pay the ticket and cable TV prices for them to get paid are tired of their shit.

I was also a big Astros and Stars fan. When they both decided to take the day off in 9rotest, I decided to take the season off watching them – and not seen a single game since. I stopped watching NASCAR when Bubba Wallace became their Spokesman. I stopped watching the Texans when they stayed in their locker room for the National Anthem.

I was so addicted to watching every game for so many years, that I thought this would be painful. It has not been and I feel a sense of Patriotism not being counted as watching these racist Cry Babies.

I’m a drag racer and I watch drag racing. We only kneel to check the air pressure in our slicks.

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