Busy Day @ Shop Today

Dateline MoparStyle Racing, Beasley Texas

11/11/20 – Veterans Day

I started the day putting the Marlin on jack-stands and fixing a newly found transmission leak before the prospective Buyer from California’s plane landed.

Next, I put on the Sandford & Son wooden sides onto my car trailer and headed for Lowes in Rosenberg. I love Lowes, as they give a very generous Veterans Discount, which saves me over $1000 every year. There I bought 220′ of 4″ Schedule 40 pipe – plus the couplers, elbows, cleanouts, and Tees needed to run a RV dump from my Motorhome Port to the septic tank. Once back to the shop, I laid the pipe against the fence – about 10′ from where the the trench will run.

I was going to rent a backhoe to dig the trench – but the builder I have building a 28’X10′ screened in porch on my Barndominium, says he’d do it next week for $500, which is about twice the rental fee. I’m good with that as I’m never at a loss for stuff I personally needing to be crossed off the list. As soon as he digs me a 1′ wide trench 1′ deep, I’ll go fetch about three yards of leveling sand and put about 2″ in the trench (so ground shifting doesn’t break the pipe) before “Laying Pipe” (I love saying that) and connecting to the septic tank.

After I emptied the trailer of pipe, I went to fetch three yards of black mulch for the oleander hedge next to the Motorhome Port. My shop rat will spread that next week while I’m at the lake.

The plane was suppose to land at 11am for the guy flying in to look at the Marlin – but it didn’t get here until 1:30. I used that time to make some starter bump switches, to run the valves of the Screamin’ Woody and Texas Thug. I’ll mount on the center of the Firewall so it can be reached from either side of engine.

Next I drove to pick up the prospective buyer, showed him the car and took him for a 10 Mile drive with him, took his money and gave him the title. I called a transporter to come get it, kissed it goodbye, and helped load it up. It will be in California in Monday morning.

Finally, I drove the buyer back, and then returned to lock up shop for night.

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