Don’t CaliFornicate Texas

This country is going to Hell with its direction coming from New York, California and Illinois. Voter Fraud and Deep State Career Employees in the State Department, IRS, DOJ, FBI and the Federal courts will ensure that America will never again have an election that isn’t rigged.

The government the Founding Fathers feared is here, and it appears to be irreversible. Biden will reverse the progress Trump had made to free us from the Deep State. After he does that, the puppet masters pulling his strings, (until Kamala takes over) with thicken the Deep State even more than Obama did.

Texas’ only hope in saving itself is a TexIt. However time is running out on when that will be totally impossible.

If you’re one of the millions to have fled Fascistbook for, you’re a Texan, and you want Texas to save itself before its too late – there’s a new group there called “Old Hippie’s Free Texas”. Consider joining and discussing this topic.

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