Fair Is Fair

Joe Biden Not My President!

The Radical Left, mostly through their Main Street Media and the House of Representatives, fought tooth and nail to undermined anything President Trump tried to do to Make America Great Again. They proved this strategy works, and I believe what goes around – comes around.

As Such, I have registered the domain names:

  • www.JoeBidenNotMyPresident.com (someone today is selling the domain name JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident.com for $250K – and sure to jack up that price when Sleepy Joe is proclaimed President)
  • www.BidenIsNotMyPrez.com

And since Intelligent Voters (the obvious Minority) all know that Biden is only the Place Holder for Kamala – I also thought ahead and registered the domain:

  • www.KamalaNotMyPresident.com – again, someone beat me to KamalaIsNotMyPresident and wants stupid money for it.

Currently, I’m just forwarding it to this web site – but I intend to soon do something to be a pebble in their shoe. Expect to see T-Shirts, caps, Coffee Mugs and the Like soon. STAY TUNED.

Also, if you are interested in buying one of these domains for a reasonable price (nothing like $250K) – and can convince me that it will become a thorn in their side – I’ll listen to your offer.

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