Fascistbook Sux Club

Those following along, know that I’m “about done” with Fascistbook and their Snowflake Gestapo. I say “Almost” because I infrequently pop in to approve new members, and to delete the Spammers and Trolls for the many groups I administer. I’ll spend a few more months doing that, also trying to convince members to try the MeWe Clubs I administer – before I am fully weaned off Fakebook.

Anyway, one of the many new groups that I’ve created since becoming a member at MeWe – is a Fascistbook Sux Club. It is primarily for 3 time plus losers (Alumni of Facebook Jail). On it we’ll be spreading the News of all things Facebook.

So if you’re sick of supporting an anti-American organization with your presence, I invite you to join MeWe.com. It is so much better than Facebook, but needs us to participate in growing it and to convince the herd of sheep we have as friends – to crawl out of their shell to do the same. If 1/10 of our friends started moving 25% of the time they spend on Fakebook over at MeWe – we will “Make Social Media Great Again”. I feel like I need to put that on a couple 1000 red hats.

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