Joe Biden Not My President

There’s a new community, for those who feel the election was stolen from America’s Greatest President, to go to share News and opinions. You’re not going to be able to do that on Twitter, Fascistbook or Youtube – nor are you going to ever get the straight story from the Fake News.

Please checkout to see what I’ve created. If you feel Trump had the election stolen from him because of:

  • Fake News lying,
  • Fake Polls discouraging Trump Voters from voting, the grossly overstated deaths of Covid allowing the crooked strategy of mass mailings of ballots to unqualified (dead, cats, moved out of State…) people,
  • Fraud by Democrat vote counters in secrecy, State Department/FBI covering up Biden’s crimes while accusing Trump of what Democrats are guilty of)
  • and all of the other tactics used

You can either continue to apathetically stick your head in the sand and accept this is the way it is – or stand up and scream “I’m Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore” by participating with having your voice heard.

Please peacefully protest, the illegitimacy of a person installed as President through large scale organized crime, by helping to build this community with your active participation.

In this community you’ll find channels for current events, Memes, polls and opinions. Please check it out, bookmark it, and give it your regular participation. Its the only site on the Net like it.

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