2021 Predictions

Assuming Biden becomes President

  • Higher Energy Prices. All of the pipelines and fracking that made us energy independent under Trump will be killed by Kerry as the “Green Czar” and the EPA staffed with radicals.
  • Inflation. With less, but more expensive gas, and the coal mines shut back down, electricity and all of the products made by electricity will rocket up in price.
  • Corn will be hard to find and expensive to buy. Blend percentages of corn in gasoline will increase, as will shortages and higher prices for that corn.
  • The Military will again be gutted. The number one mission of the Federal Government is Defense – but with the Liberals it comes in last.
  • The Economy will drop like a lead Balloon. At first there will be a sugar high from Wall Street loving all of the spending on Stupid Stuff – but reality will set in from that spending, increased regulations and Federal suits/fines placed on business. That will choke them and kill their stock trading price.
  • There will big time grants given to Green Companies. That’s the biggest scam going. Liberal give a billion to a green company, and they give back $500Million in political contributions to Liberal Politian’s.
  • The borders will open up. Biden already says the wall building stops. All of the money paid for materials not yet delivered will be wasted. All of the electronics watching the border will be turned off. Sanctuary cities will absorb and hide these illegals and the Federal will give them free food credit cards, medical, schooling and housing. After all, citizenship will soon be theirs and they’ll vote Democrat for more free shit.
  • Crime will skyrocket as there will be less support and for police, no bail needed to be paid no prosecution of non-white criminals, and current police find other careers as real thugs will be the only ones left to hire. It will be the Lawless Wild West all over again.
  • Race relations get even worse. 50 years of progress was reversed when Obama became President and stirred up the fires of racism. Trump tried to mend, but it was an uphill battle with everything now racist. Most of the election fraud was done by black election officials – and you can’t investigate, arrest and prosecute blacks. That’s racist. Liberals are stirring the pot right out of the Cloward and Piven’s (look it up) strategy playbook. If you’ve read Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals – you know this is a planned revolt to become communist through the manipulation of uneducated blacks. They told you how they were going to do it. By the way, the links I just gave are to Wikipedia, which very Liberal. It’s sugar-coated, so if it interest you, look into it further.
  • More rioting. It would be racist not to allow it. Communist ANTFIA will fan the fires to have the Blacks and BLM do their dirty work.
  • Whites and business will be fleeing cities – and they will slowly turn into money pit slums without police, law, and people entitled to burn them down. High tax states will have the Producers fleeing the looting of their work to spread around to the moochers. Those States (Moochers) will crumble further and so the Liberal Lawmakers (aka Looters) will loot from the Producers in States who exercised control to give to the Moochers.
  • You will see the same with the Looters forgiving the student loans of the French History and Gender Studies Majors (Moochers) who were brainwashed while earning their worthless degrees. Producers who are welders, store owners, and builders will pay for that, as punishment of being responsible
  • Once the cities are gutted, the small towns will be next. Those 1-click above the hood rats (but only 1-click) will move to the burbs bringing their Moocher and no responsibility ways with them.
  • Unemployment will skyrocket, but the real numbers will be cooked by not counting the increasing mass who don’t want to work.
  • National Security will be sold to China – just as it was done by the Clintons and Obamas. Democrats get rich with their foundation fronts laundering money through high salaries and expenses received from selling access, influence and secrets.
  • The Deep State will become even stronger (if that’s even possible) by Biden (as Obsm did before him) loading the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, EPA, NSA, Homeland Security, and IRS with radical Liberals who will go after political enemies (Conservatives and Libertarians) while covering the crime tracks tracks of Liberals and their bundlers/Contributors.
  • More election fraud. If you can get away with it why stop?

This is only scratching the surface of what you will be seeing in the very near future. If you don’t believe it, then I’m betting that you voted for Biden and are either a liar or an uber-low information person, who is getting what little current events news from MSNBC or the like.

I live in Texas, and I want to see Free Texans. Free from the rule of California, Illinois and New York politicians. If given the chance, I will Vote Texodus (Vote Texit) to see Texas save itself from the toilet swirl the USA is in the midst of.

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