Pissed at Fakebook, but not at Mewe.com yet? Why?

MEWE.com is a virtual cline of Fascist – but with out the Gestapo, Privacy Issues and Though Police.

There are groups there, just as there are at Fascistbook – the Admin sets the rules and standards, not some 20-year butthurt binary-sexual snowflake with a manbun and wearing skinny jeans, Below are just some of the many groups you can be part of.

(99+)MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Network

Don’t CaliFornicate Texas

(99+)MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Network

Joe Biden Not My President

(99+)MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Network

Happy Crawfish Trailer Park

Redneck Humor

(99+)MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Network

Magnum & Forgotten B-Bodies

There are thousands more, so my point is every interest is covered. Mewe.com is everything we wanted Fakebook to have been – and now just needs more of us to join (Free – there’s a premium subscription – but I didn’t do it and don’t need it), participate, and be the leader in your group of friends by dragging their follower asses there.

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