Another Sharknose Project

Yesterday I brought home a partially disassembled Sharknose Golfster, a three Speed Transmission to replace the single, a never been fired Honda V-twin horizontal shaft motor, and a spare highway geared rear axle to replace the granny geared one that’s currently on it. It will take its place in a long line of “To Be Restored” – unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse. If I restore, I’ll most likely do it with a bed for my labs to ride in and a pair of tail fins – since the body had already been cut on in the back. I’ll most likely also change the rear suspension to coils as the rubber blocks tend to deteriorate and the repops are junk. I’ll relocate a small motorcycle battery to the front. If plans work out, it will replace my current Sharknose as my pit cart at the track.

On the other hand, I always listen to offers at any stage in any project.

vis my 61 Sharknose, which is my current pit vehicle. It will do a pant’s shitting 60mph and pull the front wheel up in every gear.

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