Cancel Culture on MeWe

Unless you just returned from a mission on Mars, you should know that is the Social Media site without the Gestapo. Conservatives have been screaming for a place like this for years. Millions of Facebook people have left Facebook and now call MeWe their Social Media Home. In fact, it is expected that millions will take part in the Peaceful protest (in support of President Trump) on January 20th, and delete their Fascistbook account as Biden is sworn in.

But back to what this post is really all about – there is a new group on MEWE that reports and discusses all of businesses falling over each other in support of the Cancel Culture. It is my hope that this group becomes epic, and is the one stop place for people to learn of all of of this stupidity.

I hope to see you there.

By the way, this is my contact link at MeWe:

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