Dire Duress

The flag flown upside down indicates “Dire Duress”. I’m deep into my 60s, and have paid very close attention to current events all of my life. I’ve never felt the country to be in worse trouble than it is now. It is truly a country in Dire Duress.

In the 8 Obama years, I placed every postage stamp (with the American Flag) upside down, as I felt the Country was under Dire Duress. I’ll be honest with you, I held my nose when I voted for Trump. I felt we were screwed with him – but near as much as we would have been with Crooked Hillary. I was mildly surprised in his first month. By his 100th day I was a full-fledged Trump fan and the stamps flew upright again.

Now the USA is in a Dire Duress that I don’t think it will ever recover from. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, it apparently bothers me more than most other people. These days I’m now a Texan more than an American. This Tyrannically Governed America is no longer the country I want to be govern by. I really hope Texans are strong enough to save themselves from going down with the ship.

So until such time as can fly the Lonestar Flag as my country’s flag, or some miracle happens to right the wrongs of the USA – neither of which I expect to see in my remaining lifetime – I will continue to fly the American Flag, but upside down.

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