Patience On Mewe & Parler

So many are Leaving Twitter & Facebook that it is slowing them Down a little – and Silicon Valley is doing the rest of the throttling.

I joined both right after the election, when both companies saw their biggest increase in membership ever. It lasted a day or two until they both got more resources in place.

Both Twitter and Facebook have labeled President Trump a “Domestic Terrorist” and deleted his account. There’s such a backlash and high numbers fleeing Facebook to Mewe and Twitter to Parler.

Trump has opened an account at Parler and dragging millions to it.

So Silicon Valley is now fighting back. They’re on a mission to shut down all Conservative Speech. Please Read!

Silicon Valley is now trying to crush Parler. Google and Apple have removed the Parler app from their store. Amazon Cloud hosts the Parler site – and they’re now jacking with Parler. Google says its because Parler is inciting Violence. A Hillary advisor boasted on Twitter that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google and Amazon have gotten together to destroy any Competition where there might be Conservative postings – because they know they can now get away with it now with Democrats having total control.

Liberals are gleefully proclaiming on Twitter that they’ve killed Trump and now need to focus attention on his supporters.

As I’m typing this, I’m watching Tucker Carlson. If you didn’t catch his opening – catch the rerun tonight. He talks about this and interviews a Parler Executive. It is incredible what’s going on.

The Liberals are also claiming that they’ll pass laws that will stop Fox News. I don’t know why they want to attack Fox as they’ve all turned Trump Haters – sans Carlson and Hannity. CNN is pressuring the six cable companies to ban Fox News for inciting revolution!

Folks, they’re openly proclaiming that the forever silence all Conservative speech – where found.

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