I Feel Like This is An Obsolete Word

I have principles:
  • When the NFL players started to kneel for the flag presentation, I stopped supporting them with my viewership. They went against my Principles. Same with the NBA, the NHL and MLB when they did the same crap.
  • In 1971, at 16 years old, I believed that young Men should serve in the military if they believe they live in the best country. I signed up at 16 and was inducted in 1972, shortly after I turned 17. I did this because I have Principles.
  • After watching both Special Report and Fox News Sunday since the very beginning (got to be at least 20 years) – I stopped watching them because they started with all the Trump hate, had Trump haters as guests and reported Fake News. I have Principles.
  • Now that Fascistbook has been outted for donating $400Million to Biden and Banned Trump – that after all of the other Election fixing they’d done – I’m gone. I have Principles and not a hypocrite.

Trump did the same thing when he fought to the very end trying to right the wrong of a completely fraudulent election – because he had principles. He had asked protestors to show the Deep State by moving to the Capital during the Vote to Validate an Illegal Election – because he had Principles. He never would have encouraged the small percentage of Thugs (and I’ll go to my grave believing that there were Antifa Agitators stirring that pot of shit) to storm the building – because he has Principles.

Likewise, Pence didn’t do what Trump wanted – because he has Principles. Trump was wrong on that one, as it would have done harm and no chance for good. I support Mike Pence as much as I support Donald Trump – because I have principles and I can think for myself.

Sadly there are few people outside of my generation who will stand up for their Principles. They say they love America and support Trump – and yet will never consider enlisting in the military, boycott racist major league sports, stop drinking Starbucks Coffee, stop watching network news, and stop posting on Facebook. They my friends are hypocrites – not Principled.

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