Biden’s Clean Energy Czar

Banana Republic Cronyism at it’s most obvious and blatant.

The pollution of the average American, driving the average car, the average amount of miles is 4 cubic metric tons of carbon per year. Based on the 2020 flight logs of the Kerry Family Jet – it alone emitted 160 cubic metric tons of carbon last year. Forget the dozens of mansions and super cars that he also has emitting 100s of times more than the average home and car.

Now I’m a drag racer who drives a 45′ diesel motorhome pulling 35′ stacker trailer with 2 race cars 25,000 miles a year, and those cars burn 1 gallon of 114 octane leaded gas per 1/4 mile pass. However, I’m not the hypocrite paid millions in expenses by the government to tell the little people to make solar panels in China.

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