Driving Impressions

1978 Dodge Diplomat

I’ve had this car for about 15 years, and I’m the 2nd owner. It is original paint, interior and drivetrain – and without a spec of rust. The only changes from original was the “Plastic Fantastic” Thermoquad, which was warped and leaking was replaced with an Edelbrock AFB. I also replaced the boat anchor cast iron boat anchor with an Edelbrock Performer 4bbl aluminum intake, and I replaced the “not ready for Prime Time” Leanburn with a Mopar Performance Electronic Ignition. There weren’t many of these with 360s, and this one is far quicker than they came off the line. It’s a two tag option car.

The car needs nothing, has new tires and I’d feel comfortable to hop in and drive to Alaska or Panama. I’m selling all my toys and just lowered the price of this car to $8500.


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