I Mounted A Custom Tongue Box On My Stacker Trailer

I’ve had many trailer flats in the past, but none in the last five years, since going to 17.5″ Load Rate H and Speed rated 95mph. I’ve always carried two spares, but would have to climb over race cars and a golf cart to get one off the interior wall. The stacker before this one (a 2015 Intech), I started mounting one spare outside, to make it easier. That’s when I also went to the previously mentioned 17.5″, and I have never had to take the spare down. When I ordered this 2020 Stacker, I stayed with the 17.5″ tires and the outside mount.

But this post is about the cabinet under it. I drafted up what I wanted and had a fabricator bend it up and rivet together for me. I mounted it to the tongue this afternoon. While I’m hoping to continue my luck of no more trailer flats, the cabinet is to store a pair of 20-Ton air bottle jacks, and a milk crate filled with an impact tool, impact sockets and air hose on the ground floor; and a portable generator and air compressor on top shelf. No more hand pumping bottle jacks and tire spinners for this old man.

While the side view makes the cabinet not look like it is flush against the front of the trailer, it is. For some reason the fabricator put an extra angle 2″ from the outside edges. I paid $700 in case you’re thinking about doing it and wanting to compare prices.

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