My Fears and What I Intend To Do About Them

I do not fear any one man, and sometimes to my determent, have never backed down to any one person. I’ve been attacked a couple of times by someone with a weapon, was a bouncer and got into my share of scrapes, use to have a bad case of road rage, and drove taxi from 7pm tp 7am in the hood. Even at 65, I doubt I’d back down from a fight with a young man.

So my fears are limited to:

  • Government. The IRS, FBI, ATF and even local communities (with people’s property are taken from them with the excuse of progress) have ruined the lives (and in the case of FBI & ATF have killed – Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidians, LaVoy…) of many good and innocent people – just to cover up their crimes or push their political agenda. In the last 30 years, I’ve observed a government that has become more tyrannical every year more than the year before. They commit crimes with impunity. I’ve worked hard for what I have, have paid millions in taxes and been means tested out of hundreds of thousands in benefits I’d paid for. Since Obama, this country has spun out of control, sans a brief period that Trump was able to be David fighting Goliath. Sadly, I can envision a day soon where the government takes most of what the hard working Producers have left.
  • I fear society. I watch groups like BLM and Antifa, politicians and the MSM, Athletes and Businesses, and others stoke the hatred of Blacks on Whites – and completely destroy the truth with biased narratives. These riots are just a precursor of a violent race war coming. Trust me, its coming!
  • I fear our complete reliance on electronics and the Internet/Cloud being exploited by a Foreign power through hacking, Virus infecting and/or EMF attack. If that happens:
    • The Electrical Grid will be shut down
    • The transportation system will be shut down. Gas and diesel won’t pump. Planes won’t fly. Traffic lights won’t work.
    • The retail system shut down. No refrigeration. No cash registers. No resupplying.
    • The financial system will shut down. No banking. No ATM. No credit card processing. No stock or commodities trading.
    • No communications. No TV, No Cable, No Telephone, No Internet, No Radio, No newspapers. No email.
    • No water treated and pumped or sewage treated.
  • I fear a Pandemic (far worse than Covid was) being released on the USA. Hell, it can be released anywhere and make it to the USA in a week. One far easier to catch and one with 100% certainty of death.
  • I fear some crazy person releasing a dirty bomb, which the fallout will kill a 100 mile radius. Or a crazy country doing it.
  • I fear the Complete breakdown of the US$ – from any of a variety of reasons. Mexico, Greece, Venezuela, Portugal and Italy have all had it happen in recent history. A little further back, post WWI Germany lost all value or its currency. The wealthy Chinese are so concerned that they are diversifying their wealth with buying property all over the world.

Yeah I know, the majority of people have their head in the sand, and think this can’t happen. They’re the same apathetic people who stregthen activist companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon, Starbucks… with their support – knowing that they’re financing the destruction of the USA as we know it.

Reality is that any and all of it can happen right now. The technology and hate to use it exists for all of this right now. So far we’ve been lucky that there’s been a strong enough deterrent and no one with big enough balls yet. However that’s changing. Our government, who’s main mission is to protect us, is doing the opposite. If any if this should happen, those who just got through life from government handouts (The Moochers) will be coming for those who busted their asses educating themselves for good jobs, those of us who gambled everything we had to own our own businesses (the Producers) – because the government (the Looters) will not be able to feed them under this type of crisis.

My Solution for my particular situation

Is to become more of a prepper. I’m currently pretty well protected from the race riots because I have 5 acres with a home and shop 40 miles south of Houston and a lake house about 50 miles north of Houston. However, being that far off the bus route will only work for so long.

Financially, most if my wealth was in the stock market. I firmly believe the market will take a hit under Biden/Harris – where 1983, 1999, and 2008 will have been reduced to look like just bumps in the road. Taxes are going to sky rocket, especially Capital Gains. I sold 1/3 of my portfolio in December and 1/3 last month so I pay Capital Gains taxes at the 2020 and 2021 rates. I’ve spent some in precious metals, held in a vault that I both Trust and have 48 hour access to. The rest I’m going to invest in real estate.

I’m looking for about 100 +- acres in the Texas Hill country, with very specific criteria. There must be a hill overlooking the property with a suitable homesite area. There must be access to a river or lake. There must be plenty of deer and hogs running on it. It must have decent 5G cellular Signal and high speed Internet. It must have an Epic View from at least one side. It needs to be 30 minutes drive from large shopping and emergency hospital.

On this my family should be able to be able to remain completely isolated in case of a Pandemic or Civil Race War. Between fenced in gardens, wild game, well water, and aerobic septic – all emergency life support is there. Generators with in ground propane tanks for back up electricity to Solar/battery grid for power. A large on site diesel tank for vehicles. A defendable homesite on a hill for protection.

Bags of junk Silver for barter in case currency is worthless.

Now is the time the Producers should be asking themselves what they’d do if any of my fears became a reality to them. How prepared would you be to both survive and to defend yourself from the Moochers who are saying you’re wearing a tin foil hat to even think any of this could happen? Give this some thought and feel free to share with friends. Below are links to share with your Social Media – or email to friends.

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