Atlanta Dragway, Route 66 & Milan Drag Strips Now Closed/Closing

Just three of the tracks I’ve raced at often, which are going away. Many others are on real shaky ground. Now with Diesel Fuel, gasoline and Race Gas fixing to double under Sleepy Joe – expect fewer Racers traveling to National Events. I was just at the season opener in Bradenton, Florida – and I saw the fewest NSS Racers ever. I paid as much as $3.60 a gallon for diesel driving there – spending close to $2,000 in fuel for motorhome pulling stacker. I imagine that is the reason for so dew Racers.

Tracks are on the brink of failing. Fewer Racers, more asshole hating non-electric cars, higher cost of fuel, and subdivisions of Snowflakes being built by tracks – then wanting a curfew on the track plus mufflers on the cars. The testosterone levels are dropping on today’s toothpick armed, pencil neck excuses of men with manbuns in skinny jeans. They can’t start a nut on a bolt – yet race a fast car. For tracks to survive, we need to show them support by showing up to race or watch – and get the 10% of boys who want to identify as men interested.

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