Bradenton Race – Day 1-3

Three 1960 vehicles. I race the wagon, the Petty car in my street car and the golf cart is a 60 Cushman

Ever since the Freeze, I’ve stepped in it with almost every step I’ve taken. Sunday noon, we left the shop for Bradenton, FL, and we got to the rest area at the Stennis Space Center on Exit 2 in Mississippi at about 8pm. I like staying there as its about 8 hour drive, there are picnic areas with room to spread out slides, and an RV dump. Other than driving in the rain and fighting strong cross winds, that drive was uneventful. The AC wouldn’t come on, but since it was all three units, I figured it had to be something easy (like circuit breakers) and not the units. It was a nice night, so we opened windows and I figured I’d fix in morning.

Yesterday, at 4 am my wife wakes me to say the shower doesn’t work. I go check it out, and the faucet broke off in my hand spraying water everywhere until we got the water pump shut off. I email photos to the service department at Entegra, and Lee quickly called me back. We ascertained that it was the Delta Valve Cartridge, and I ordered one on Amazon overnighted, at it will be at my bud’s noise (he owns a home by the track) later today. We (Lee and I) emailed and called each other many times for me to try when I stopped. None of it worked on the stops and he emailed me a few other things to try when I dropped anchor at the track.

We arrived at the track at about 9pm last night, and I parked in my pit in the darkness. After walking dogs, and putting slides out – I figured I’d wait until morning to work on the AC. I got up this morning, walked the dogs and got to work trying the the suggestions – and now have AC. In a nutshell, it had to do with the smart home system needing to be reset to factory reset refreshed on the HVAC module. Still don’t have water yet – but hope to have that resolved. This is my third Entegra (2015, 2017 and 2020) and Joyce and Lee have done all they can to help get the motorhome back right so we (wife, I and three dogs) can be as comfortable as possible living at the track. Water being back on tomorrow will be nice. Lee has been great on the followups.

After dealing with the coach, I set up my pit and unloaded the trailer. My backup race car wasn’t ready to bring, so I brought my “Petty Tribute” street car for off track visits. Taking a little break for now, then work on the wagon a little before putting it back in trailer. I haven’t had a shower in two days, but we will shower in my bud’s coach this evening.

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