Bradenton Race – Day 4-6

Picking up (see Bradenton Race – Day 1-3) with Wednesday, I spent the day cleaning out the trailer and taking care of some business on the puter. The Big News of the day was the parts to repair the shower valve I had ordered on Amazon on Monday, arrived at bud Doug Duells casa that morning. He wasn’t coming to the track, but he was having dinner with another friend who was coming to the track, so the part was relayed to Dennis Breeden, who delivered to my coach at 9pm. By 9:30 I had it fixed and reassembled.

We were finally able to shower and have running water again.

Yesterday (Thursday), I established racer credentials and teched in my car. You had an option to buy three test hits, which many didn’t do because of the 30mph headwind – but I did.

While I was having record breaking (for wagon) 1.29 & 1.30 60’s – and Monster High Wheel Stands – I couldn’t run the number on any of my three passes because of the headwind.

Today, Friday, we got a test hit and 2 of 4 Qualifying hits. For the Time Trial, I decided I’d twist the motor to 7000rpm, instead my normal 6600. Had great numbers, but 5/1000s too fast. 1.292 is best 60′ that car has ever had, and almost 140mph is fastest the wagon has gone.

For Qualifying Number 1, I added 114 pounds and was still way too freakin’ fast.

Geoff Stunkard from Mopar Action was at the line for 1st Qualifying, and came to my pit to show me photos he’d taken of my burnout and going down track. He said he wanted to do a feature on the wagon and the Petty car, so I started polishing on the car. Took the rear glass (Lexan) out to clean both sides; polished the aluminum battery hold-downs, weight boxes and fuel cell; and spruced up the engine compartment.

For the 2nd Qualifying, I put 142 pounds in the car. Between my burnout and prestige, they told me to hold so they could mop up some fluid the car ahead of me left in the launch area. It took far longer than we expected so the motor got warmer and slicks colder. I had the worst 60′ of the weekend and a more normal wheel stand. Geoff was taking photos, and got a great one on the launch – but I was hoping to show even more or the underside. I can’t wait to see in the magazine.

I got back to the pits and polished the wheels for the photo shoot. Racing stopped at about 6:45 and there was about 45 minutes of great sun for the photo shoot. I saw many of the photos on his camera – and can’t wait to see the article. He thinks it will be the issue in two or three months – as this most recent just got wrapped up wit a 64 Wagon with Gen 3 Hemi. There wasn’t time for the Petty car.

The strategy for Q3 and Q4 on Saturday, is to short shift at 6500 to see if I can slow down the car without more weight.

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