MeWe, A Facebook For Patriots

I was pissed at Facebook with all of the Chickenshit banning without cause from being shadow banned by their little bearded, manbun ferries in skinny jeans. However, when they did their part in fixing the elections in November – I was done.

I went to and never looked back. They have everything Fascistbook has – except:

  • Ads
  • Privacy Violations
  • Selling your data
  • Giving you a “Social Score” based on reading the cookies from your computer to determine what other sites you visit
  • Gestapo style Moderation
  • Throwing $500 Million at the Biden/Harris campaign
  • Thought Policing posts with a heavy slant towards Liberal Candidates, ads and topics – stifling the same of Conservatives

While they’re pushing 50 Million members and growing by 2,000,000 a week – I just can’t seem to sell my family and friends on dropping the Social Media that hates what America stands for, to a Social Media site that gives everyone an equal playing field.

I was going to write my impression of MeWe – but while looking at reviews -I found the below review that says everything I wanted to say – but better.

Review Excerpt from

Alexa Shaw
When Janice asked me to write a MeWe review, I was happy to add my 2-cents. My non-profit, This Is Saipan, and I have been members of MeWe since 2016. I can’t tell you about Mark Weinstein’s visionary origin story behind MeWe, but I can certainly fill you in on its cornucopia of features.
What convinced the others and me at This Is Saipan & 15th Parallel Photography, is the fact Mark Weinstein, the founder, and creator of MeWe, intentionally designed his social media platform around a shield of “personal privacy.”
Imagine, a social network designed with the specific intent of building an infrastructure that maintains OUR privacy and not to strip it away. Another feature we really appreciate – NO ADS! There are no commercial ads on MeWe.
Your pages, group meetings, conversations, chats, messages, etc. are ALL ad-free. Unlike Google+ and Facebook, MeWe is a website without commercial influence. That leaves us free to write, post, meet-up, chat, upload pics/clips/videos and more about pretty much anything when we adhere to common sense and follow the current laws of society.
With so many recent US and EU new requirements drowning social networking, Facebook and Google+ began to lose ground years ago, not to mention collecting numerous fines and lawsuits, and they continue to do so.
MeWe is fairly new, and in July 2018, it surpassed 2 million active members (many coming from Facebook and Google+), with rapid growth and it is predicted to reach millions more by 2021. For a complete paradigm shift in social networking standards, laws, requirements and infrastructure building, those are pretty awesome numbers.
I admit I was a bit overwhelmed on our MeWe homepage after logging in for the first time. As with anything, however, you need to spend a little time getting used to what’s in front of you. Once I did, I felt free and introduced MeWe to everyone at work – then we told our friends in the US. We live and work in the Northern Mariana Islands. I know, but someone has to live in a tropical paradise, right?
Some of MeWe’s features include:
No ads;
No spying;
No BS;
#Not4Sale (the members – we’re NOT for sale – think Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are selling your personal data);
Unlimited group creation;
1-on-1 private and open chats;
Open personal and group chats;
Disappearing content;
Custom camera w/GIF creation;
Live voice and video;
“Next-Gen” voice messaging;
Ultra secret chats with double-ratchet encryption (a paid feature add-on);
Custom personal and group profile creation;
Personal cloud storage;
Total control over your data and content – you own what you upload – period.
NO censorship (beyond societal requirements);
NO content manipulation;
NO news feed to push your content to the bottom of the page;
NO facial recognition;
Every public post, chat, image, video, comment, etc. is seen by all of your fellow MeWe members;
TRUE timeline ordering – with no outside interference;
Custom profile pics;
Custom banner images;
Notifications you customize;
Member suggestions for improvements, new features, etc. – that actually get applied;
The feedback that’s actually read and answered;
Events calendars;
Multi-language capable;
A separate “Pro” MeWe (, and so much more.
MeWe is browser-based, so it’s cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, *iOS, *Android (*through free mobile apps or mobile browsers).
MeWe also has a store so members can purchase add-ons and features to personalize their MeWe experience without requiring a subscription fee. With so many free features, we’re quite happy with what we’ve been given already.
If you are looking (or someone you know is looking), for a Facebook alternative or as an alternative to Google Plus since the site is closing, you might want to try MeWe as a viable replacement. It’s free, private, and not too difficult to make the leap. We took a chance on this Next-Gen “2016 Innovative World Technology Finalist,” and we’re all glad we did. We’ve never looked back.
Everyone reading this should give MeWe a spin. It’s fresh and filled with features not found elsewhere. It costs nothing, is fun, exhilarating and an awesome alternative to Google Plus. You can choose the site as a Facebook alternative or use MeWe as an addition.
MeWe’s been around for about 4 years, starting out under another name and changing it to MeWe in 2016, receiving high praise and innovative technology recognition in that same year.
MeWe is edgy, smart, intuitive, and features rich content right from the start. There are many ways MeWe is better than other social networks. The most important is that MeWe was created by putting the privacy needs of its members FIRST! Mark Weinstein, founded MeWe with the belief social media isn’t for sale and neither is our privacy.
UPDATE In a January 2021 interview, Weinstein was asked why MeWe’s user base is rising. He maintains social media users don’t like having their data sold, so they are flocking to MeWe.
There’s no one looking over your shoulder as you work or play. There are no big corporations demanding advertising favors for support dollars. There’s no tracking, no commercial ads and no push toward corporate interests.
Everything you say, type, upload or produce, belongs to you. It’s never given away or sold to anyone. There’s no data mining of your personal information for private, corporate, or government agencies.
MeWe runs on Next Generation Technology (think 2G to 5G!). Using the power of next-gen tech is propelling MeWe to the forefront of social media worldwide. It’s been gaining momentum since the first day it went into operation.
If you want a fantastic alternative to Google Plus or an alternative to Facebook, or you just want another social media outlet, MeWe should be on your immediate things-to-do list.
MeWe is new, fresh, and social media 2.0 and beyond; better than Google Plus and Facebook; great fun for personal use; well suited to carry on business needs and collaboration in real-time – with NO big bro listening/tracking; has plenty of customizing features; runs smoother and faster than other social media network sites and has no corporations pushing THEIR products on to you.
Each of us at This Is Saipan & 15th Parallel Photography made the move to MeWe in 2016 and we haven’t looked back. MeWe is our social media home to post, play, discuss, educate and inform people of just about everything photography. We even started the MeWe group ‘Self-Taught Photographers,’ so anyone and everyone can ask us questions and learn about the joys of photography and how to get the most out of their DSLR.
Mark Weinstein and his team are showing the social media giants that dedication to the people and our privacy needs is far more rewarding than indulging in corporate greed. We agree. Seriously consider giving MeWe a try. You really can’t beat the price! MeWe is free!
15th Parallel Photography’s MeWe Homepage

I’ll never use Fascistbook for anything more than to persuade my family & friends to come over to MeWe. I just can’t be a part of a company or people like Facebook. It a Principle thing.

I hope that someday my family and friends will also see the light. If you make it over there, look me up at

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