Remember The Racist White Man Who Murdered Asian Hookers At Massage Parlors Two Weeks Ago?

Well that turned out to be a deranged drug addicted Liberal adducted to sex (so said he), and he was targeting Hookers, not Asians. It just so happens that Atlanta’s Massage Parlor’s prostitutes, are mostly Asian – sadly young girls trafficked.

However, a week later a man by the name of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, killed 10 white people at a grocery store in Colorado. Initially, the Deep State’s “Ministry of Propaganda” (going by the friendlier term of Main Stream Media) proclaimed it was a racist white man again killing – forgetting to mention all victims were white. Then they found out it was a crazy Muslim Liberal (voted for Biden) and so its now crickets.

Just the same, Liberals never let a crisis go to waste – and are exploiting the insane Liberals ( but I repeat myself) for gun control. Forget that both killers were Liberals and had mental issues precluding the from legally buying and owning a gun. Just like crack addict Hunter Biden should never been able to own the gun found in a dumpster across the street from a high school.

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