No White Guilt From Me

I’ve never own slaves, and neither has any of my family (who arrived to America in the 1600 & 1700s) owned slaves. I’m sick of the whining, rioting, vote fixing, mooching, and bad behavior from a large percentage of Black People. I’m so sick of the race card being played so often that its meaning is diminished to nothing. I see bigger racism from the people playing the race card, than the people they’re calling racist. I’m sick of BLM, their extortion of business, and using that money to buy millions in Luxury Homes. I’m sick of Woke. I’m sick of Liberally run companies like Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Coke, Delta – and the rest of them. I’m sick of the Ministry of Propaganda, otherwise known as Fascistbook controlling information and banning anyone with an opinion such as mine – for violating their Community Double-Standards. I’m sick of the Main Stream Media lying about cops – while portraying hood rats Looting Nikes as Peaceful Protestors. I’m sick of the Poll Watchers in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit committing their fraud. I’m sick over the fight against Voter ID, calling it racist. I’m sick of Dr. Suess being banned – while Black Musical Filth is ok. I’m sick of the double-standard of NAACP, BET, the Black Caucus, the Rainbow Coalition, and other racist organizations liberals find acceptable. I’m sick of Rev. Sounbyte, Je$$ee Jacka$S, Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, James Clyburn, Don Lemon and the rest of the Race Baiters. I think Barrack Hussain Obama was history’s worst President – and the man who single-handedly set race Relations back 50 years.

So don’t expect me to cower with this race baiting shit. Unlike most of the other White people who won’t speak up and defend themselves – I will confront anyone wanting confrontation, and will even encourage confrontation from those wanting it with the Confederate Battle flag on the roof of my race car, with the White Privilege emblems on my vehicles, with the Trump stickers on my cars, and with the Upside Down Flag in my yard. The rest of you Crackers can bend over to take it in the ass – but I’ll be damned if I will.

If you agree, share this with your friends (social share icons are below), and maybe considering to grow some balls and stop being afraid to speak up. I don’t give a shit if some person, who’s opinion I have no respect for, wants to call me a racist for not fighting back. They can just kiss my hairy white ass!

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