Your Tax Dollars At Work

PBS Targets 3-8 Year Olds With Drag Queen Reading Hour

PBS, has gone past brainwashing children with Liberal Concepts, it is now targeting 3 to 8 year olds with “Drag Queen Reading Hour”. Drag Queen “Little Miss Mess” reads her line Drag Queen children’s books, encouraging small children to “Swish Their Hips” and have fun being cross dressers. Hadn’t heard about news like this flying under the radar? Don’t take my word for it – do a search on PBS Drag Queen Reading.

They get away with this because most Conservatives are spineless, apathetic and don’t want to get involved. They just stand by and watch their children and grandchildren get turned into worthless little degenerates while shrugging their shoulders.

Grow a spine. Speak out. Share news items like this, which is flying under the radar. This is how that money robbed from Producers is used!

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