Is Inflation Putting You In The Poor House?

In most cases it because of two reasons:

The first cold hard fact is that you didn’t properly prepare yourself to have the skill set to earn a decent wage. As Dean Vernon Wormer told Flounder in Animal House, “Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son.” In most every case, those earning a decent wage planned, prepared, and worked hard to develop the skills needed for a decent job. Sadly, they are a minority in the United States. Most did not prepare themselves for a decent career.

The second cold hard fact is the current government. Raining money, that the country doesn’t have, to pay people not to work has caused too much money chasing too little goods. When the demand for anything out weighs the supply of it – prices rocket up and the dollar loses value. Biden cut down the supply of US oil – so the gas prices has rocketed up, taking with it everything using fuel. Electric companies burn fuel, and they pass that increased cost to generate electricity to us. Food and goods need to be transported. Trucking companies pass their increased costs to transport cattle, chickens, produce, canned goods… to the grocery stores; and they pass it along to us. Shutting down businesses and decreasing the supply of people who rather work than stay home and get paid doing nothing, has caused a shortage of everything. Cars and computers can’t get the electronic components to be built. The lack of people working in shipping ports has thousands of ships waiting off shore to be unloaded of everything being made in China. Government encouraged freeloading has an effect on every product and service in the Untied States.

For your income, while it is very late for most, its not too late. People have literally retrained for better careers late in life and succeeded. Its harder, much harder than simply making an excuse of why you can’t – but if you can get past the excuses and bust ass – you can better yourself.

For inflation, stop being such a damn Moocher. Moochers elect looters to steal from producers. It will ultimately kill the United States as the money and Producers get more scarce. An excellent Novel, which foretells this reality is Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. Reading that book may change your life. It changed mine. I consider myself a former Producer who got fed up and Gone Galt.

Stop electing Looters.

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